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Ethos launch the inaugural UAE Customer Service Week

The inaugural UAE Customer Service Week has been officially launched by Ethos Consultancy and will take place on June 20-24 2010. Supported and executed under the Patronage of H.H. Lt. Gen. Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Interior, Government of United Arab Emirates, Customer Service Week 2010 is devoted to growing and raising customer service standards through awareness, education and sharing of international best practice.

Customer Service Week, which has been running in mature service quality markets since 1988, is a one week celebration of customer service and a discussion of service quality issues that are challenging both Government and Private Sector organisations across the UAE. There is a whole host of activities planned including, games, puzzles, competitions, workshops, and a two day conference with service quality awards included. Organiser of Customer Service Week, Ethos Consultancy, has developed a website ( for organisations to visit and learn how they can get involved. The website is also a platform for individuals to share, collaborate and learn about customer service excellence.

Director of Marketing, Barry Judge states ‘with economical disruption fundamentally altering business reality, organisations and businesses are moving towards a new economic landscape. And as this new fiscal and commercial reality emerges, the UAE must re-examine conventional wisdom about how to succeed. Customer and citizen-centered service quality has never been more fundamental. By positioning excellence in customer service as a competitive differentiator and sustained value driver, businesses can intensify the customer experience, reinforce ongoing customer loyalty and maintain healthy profitable growth’; Judge continued ‘Customer Service Week is about bringing challenging topics to the surface and discussing them. We’ve lined up local and international thought-leaders to present at the Customer Service Week Forum and hold workshops’.

Organisations of all shapes and sizes – private and government – are encouraged to get involved. Log onto customer service week website and sign up. Signing up and participating in Customer Service Week is free and easy. Simply go to the sign up page and register using the online form. Once signed up, organisations will receive a welcome email including how-to information, sample agendas, white papers on best practice and inspiration from the hundreds of service and support professionals who share their celebration stories. Organisations who sign up also receive 10% discount on the Customer Service Week Forum and Workshops.

The first ever UAE Customer Service Week is endorsed by The International Customer Service Institute and under the Patronage of H.H. Lt. Gen. Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Interior, Government of United Arab Emirates. IIR Middle East has been enlisted to plan and execute the Customer Service Week Forum and Workshops under the stewardship of Ethos Consultancy.

As well as learning, sharing and collaborating, Customer Service Week is also about honoring the people who work on the frontlines serving and supporting their customers and citizens. Robert Keay, Managing Director, Ethos Consultancy states, “An abundance of customer service orientated fun activities and educational events will take place across Abu Dhabi and Dubai throughout these five days. This will be a learning experience for all who get involved and a constructive step towards the improvement of customer service standards across the UAE as a whole”.

UAE Customer Service Week Forum
‘UAE Customer Service Week Forum’ is a two day conference that brings together local and international customer service experts to share best practice and challenge current paradigms. This forum promises to stimulate, educate and push new thinking on service quality as a discipline.

Follow this link more information on the Customer Service Week Forum

UAE Customer Service Week – Workshops
Four hands-on practical half day workshops will be held on June 21 and 24 at Park Rotana Hotel, Abu Dhabi:

  1. Service Quality Measurement Model & Global Performance Index Tool
  2. Value Moments: Aligning and focusing an organisation’s efforts in the areas that contribute most to a “perfect” customer experience
  3. Employee Engagement during tough times: Leadership and management that ensures an engaged and energised customer.
  4. Complaint Management  and Service Recovery Best Practice

UAE Customer Service Week – STAR Awards
The UAE Customer Service Week STAR Awards program has been developed and is endorsed byThe International Customer Service Institute (TICSI) to reward and recognise private organisations, government departments and individuals delivering service excellence across the United Arab Emirates.

A full list of award categories can be found on the official UAE Customer Service Week website: ( Entries are now open until May 31, 2010. Winners will be announced at the UAE Customer Service Week Forum.

UAE Customer Service Week – Tools
The UAE Customer Service Week Team has been busy constructing sample agendas which outline logical approaches by which organisations can involve their teams within the week. These agendas mix together suggested reward and recognition programs organisations can implement to motivate and engage their staff, fun games and puzzles to encourage team building and suggested mixes of workshops and forum days in which to attend. Ultimately, it’s up to each organisation to be creative and leverage these tools and supporting events held throughout the week in their own unique way.

For more information on Customer Service Week please contact the CSW Team.