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Ethos Consultancy wins the “Business Services Sector Award” at this year’s Middle East Business Leaders Summit and Awards

The 3rd Middle East Business Leaders Summit and Awards (MEBLSA 2012) organized by The Leaders Magazine International took place on the 15th of May 2012 in the Armani Hotel. The event featured organizations from across the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

MEBLSA 2012 provided the perfect environment for corporate leaders to network and share their experiences which provided the guests with valuable insight on particular aspects of the business world. Another major objective of the event was to facilitate the development of business leaders, which it did by providing opportunities to its members and guests. MEBLSA 2012 recognized the achievements of the Gulf Cooperation Council’s (GCC) leading business visionaries across all industry sectors and honored their great contributions towards the region’s economic development.

Keeping in line with providing quality products and services to all its clients and its vision to being the leading customer service excellence solutions firm in the region, Ethos Consultancy was recognized for its contribution in the business sector and was awarded “Business Services Sector Award”

“The Middle East Business Leaders Awards is a testament to entrepreneurs and business leaders in the Middle East and Asian regions. It serves as a mark of recognition toward Ethos Consultancy’s achievements and we are honored by the acknowledgement that MEBLSA has shown Ethos Consultancy for its efforts. Such events are absolutely crucial in the Middle East and encourage the region’s organizations to remain better equipped in staying globally competitive.” says Robert Keay, Managing Director at Ethos Consultancy.