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Mystery Shopping

Every year Ethos carries out over 50,000 Mystery Shopping jobs, making it the leading Mystery Shopping company in the Middle East.

Mystery Shopping is a simple methodology where researchers interact with businesses as normal customers through location visits, telephone calls, website enquiries and then report back on their experience by providing feedback in detailed questionnaires.

It involves the measurement of quality of customer service provided by organizations from an actual experience of a customer.

Benefits of Mystery Shopping:

  • Cost-effective method of monitoring your customer experience standards
  • An efficient way of identifying staff in need of further training
  • Keeps employees ‘on their toes’
  • Identifies poorly performing outlets
  • Opinions from a real customer experience highlighting actual customer satisfaction
  • Regular assessment of strengths and weaknesses

KnowledgeTRAK App

KnowledgeTRAK Reporting is a Mobile Application where existing KnowlegeTRAK customers can view their company’s real-time mystery shopping dashboard on smart phones, iPads and other tablet computers. The system is easy to use and is flexible to meet clients’ specific requirements.

NOTE: You must have a KnowledgeTrak Mystery Shopping account in order to use this Free App.

Key Features and Benefits of the Mystery Shopping App:

  • Provides visual analytics in an ‘easy to understand’ dashboard
  • Overall Score by mystery shopping channel (Calls, Websites, Visits)
  • Detailed scores displayed for each location giving clients the full picture
  • Scores broken down into each different performance category (Call Answering, Branch Standards, Product Knowledge)
  • Red and Green arrows are used to indicate the performance level helping clients Analyse trends quickly
  • View the Scope of Field work/Wave
  • Compare between current and last wave/month activities and scores

Go to the App Store or Google Play Store now to download the iOS App and Android App. Then use your current KnowledgeTRAK username and password to access your company’s reports.

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