Mystery shopping (Managed Service)

Mystery Shopping Benefits:

  • Receive feedback about each customer journey interaction point.
  • Improve sales performance to boost revenue.
  • Keep employees ‘on their toes’.
  • Identify poorly performing outlets and channels.
  • Efficiently identify staff in need of further training.
  • Cost-effective method of monitoring service standard quality.
  • Benchmark organisation’s performance against competitors.
  • Discover how organisation’s products are received in the marketplace.

Mystery Shopping Channels:

  • Visits
  • Websites/Emails
  • Calls

Other Measurement Solutions:

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Ethos experienced project managers and analysts have worked across the industries and with our combination of knowledge and innovation our mystery shopping managed service programme will ensure that organisation receives all necessary assistance to achieve organisation’s goals. Experts take care of mystery shopping journey management as much as it is needed based on each organisation’s requirements. Ethos develops tailored questionnaires, ensure that mystery shopping visits, calls or website evaluation is done on the right time by one of our 15,000 shoppers. Detailed report is prepared by our analyst and delivered to you within 24 – 72 hours.

Mystery Shopping Process:


Online Reporting

Online reporting is a mobile application where existing clients can view their company’s mystery shopping results dashboard on smart phones, tablet computers anywhere any time. The system is easy to use and is flexible to meet specific requirements.


Key Features and Benefits of Online Reporting:

  • Visual analytics in an ‘easy to understand’ dashboard
  • Detailed scores displayed for each location
  • Scores broken down into each performance category (i.e. call answering, product knowledge)
  • Overall score by mystery shopping channel (calls, websites, visits)
  • Performance levels are displayed with different colour arrows to help to analyse trends quickly
  • Accessible information about scope of field work/wave
  • Comparison between current and last wave/month