Customer Experience Mapping & Development Workshops

Benefits of Implementation:

  • Provide input for service improvement as well as service design.
  • Create innovative ideas for providing a differentiated Customer Experience.
  • Ensure departments across an organisation including sales, marketing, service and other functions to think of customers in a new way.
  • Adoption of a customer centric thinking across organisation’s departments.

Other Training Solutions:

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The Customer Experience Journey Mapping Workshops follows a step by step approach of documenting and brainstorming around the customer experience that transcends industries or individual businesses. Attending a Customer Experience workshop enables delegates to explore the globally recognised methodology, and then can use this methodology to gain insight into the real-world journeys of their own customers. Insights to the customer experience can enable the teams to improve interactions at all service touchpoints. Ethos Integerated solutions team are certified Customer Experience experts that lead interactive and creative mapping workshop that can be translated into tactical plans to improve service delivery performance and overall customer satisfaction & loyalty.