The benefits of the Software:

  • Assists in developing the employees’ skills and confidence when dealing with customers
  • Improves the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Helps increase employee morale therefore increasing employee engagement and reducing staff turnover

Ethos Software solutions:

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Learning Moments® is a bi-lingual Arabic and English e-Learning platform which has been developed in conjunction with Totara LMS, Global Leaders in the E-Learning Industry.

Ethos’ clients can create Customer Service E-Learning courses through the Learning Moments® Platform.

This will be done by liaising with clients to develop bespoke online training programs designed exclusively around the knowledge and skills requirements of their employees. This will create a learning experience which combines a unique mix of industry knowledge and compatibility for its users.


  • Various levels of learning through all communication media including video, audio and text content
  • Easily identifiable progress reports generated through the Management Reporting tool
  • Multi Lingual Platform supporting Arabic and English courses
  • Compatible with Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones for Learning ‘On-the-Go’
  • Easy to customise to the organisation’s requirements
  • Conversion of classroom customer service training into accredited e-learning programmes
  • Easy to use functionality covering the learning needs of public and private sectors
  • Interactive capabilities helps create interest amongst delegates leading them to participate more actively in their learning programs
  • Tracking of employees learning and development of their customer service skills