Feedback Management Software

The benefits of the Software:

  • Assists in developing the employees’ skills and confidence when dealing with customers
  • Improves the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Helps increase employee morale therefore increasing employee engagement and reducing staff turnover

Ethos Software solutions:

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Feedback Management Software – Jawebny®

Jawebny® is a web based feedback management software that is designed to handle all incoming customer feedback for organisations – centrally, rapidly and cost effectively.

Web based and accessed via the internet, the system is able to handle all types of feedback from suggestions, enquiries, commendations, customer complaints, appeals etc.

Developed to be user friendly and simple to use, all feedback generates an automated response that provides a unique reference number and a timeframe for response.

With its own inbuilt feedback form and performance tracking feature, the Jawebny system allows organisations to monitor the response times and satisfaction levels for all types of feedback and prepare detailed reporting on volume and types of feedback, regional breakdown, demographics, operational performance and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Jawebny®

The benefits of the feedback management software are wide ranging, from analytical capability to cost reduction:

  • Multi-lingual capability (supports any language including English, Arabic and Urdu)
  • Interfaces and Process are fully customizable based on the client requirements
  • A range of access points that are catered for employees and those with special needs
  • Search, Alert and Audit Facilities
  • Alignment to ISO 10002 Guidelines for Complaint Handling
  • In-depth Trend and Root Cause Analysis
  • Real-time Dashboards to monitor traffic and KPIs
  • Online Reporting Routines
  • A range of reports includes metrics for specific measures, performance KPIs and demographics
  • Customer Satisfaction and Service Recovery Monitors
  • No costly licenses for multiple users