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We’ll help you deliver world class service excellence through customer experience measurement, analysis and improvement. We do this by measuring the voice of customer (VOC), delivering effective training and executing high performing engagement and loyalty programs.

Continuous Improvement

Recognising Outstanding Organisations in Customer Experience and Employee Engagement


Customer Journey Mapping: The Path to Loyal Customers

There are many things that take place between the time a customer becomes aware of a product and the time they buy it. In some cases, they don’t even buy it at all. Every customer’s journey with a company is different, which is unfortunate for companies that wish they...

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Customer Experience Measurement: A Practical Guide to Measuring CX

No company can survive without its customers, which is why it’s so important to keep them satisfied. However, you can’t just trust your gut when it comes to customer satisfaction – you must have an ability to quantifiably measure every customer’s experience. This is...

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Essential Components of Effective Customer Journey Maps

Commonly known as compact visualization of an end-to-end customer experience, customer journey maps empower businesses to make value-driven decisions. They help stakeholders deepen their understanding of customer’s behaviors, feelings, and thoughts throughout their...

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