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Customer Experience Implementation

Transformational Customer Experience

Using our CEM Implementation Model

Define the Customer Experience Strategy Defining the Customer Experience Value Proposition
Defining the Customer Experience Roles & Responsibilities Defining the Service Delivery Channels
Defining the Customer Personas Defining the Persona Psychology (Analysis of Needs, Values & priorities)
Lay the Foundation of Design Design in accordance to current Experiences
Customer Experience design methodology Design the Customer Experience
Design the user experience & digital Interaction  
Develop and redevelop the Organisation policies Develop and set the service interaction
Develop the touch points Develop and redevelop the service processes
Employee Change management program Partners and suppliers alignment
System Development Customer experience performance measure
Development of a measurement Methodology and Voice of Customer capturing approach  
Deployment of Policies Deployment of Processes and procedures
Deployment of an organisation level change management Program System and IT infrastructure deployment
Deployment of an overall implementation governance through Customer experience performance measure  
Capturing voice of customer through multiple channels Means of capturing insights
Customer experience live support  
Voice of Customer Reporting and insights collection and analysis Identification of priority customer driven actions and elements
Determine the owners of customer driven actions Drill down for clarity and granularity
Pinpoint of the business Policy, processes and operations associated with the priority action terms Develop and implement appropriate action plans
Alignment and linkage of improvement to strategic priorities and elements  
Our customer experience implementation model has “commitment” as its core surrounds.

Commitment from the top to bottom and bottom to the top is the principle foundation that our model is built upon.

Senior management needs to engage all employees in understanding the role of paying customer and the role everyone plays in delivering on the brand/organisation promise.

Commitment and engagement are the cornerstone of delivering excellence and a consistent and predictable customer experience.

Customer Experience Journey Mapping

– Our Approach –


1. Identifying what the customer values the most – we call this “Value Moments”.


2. Measure the customer experience across all channels, products and services.


3. Engage your delivery teams in developing and analysing the journey maps.


4. Improve the customer experience through continuous monitoring of channel performance and improving the journey maps.